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Is there something in your life that is keeping you from fulfilling your purpose? What is the mountain standing in your way, preventing you from becoming your best self? In Mountain Mover Manual, entrepreneur, speaker, and executive coach Kevin Carey helps you identify what that mountain is in your life and how to move it.
Through personal stories, biblical insights, and practical advice, Kevin shares his strategies for becoming a mountain mover and helps readers realize their purpose and take action to become who they were created to be.
Mountain Mover Manual gives you the tools you need to:

  • Create daily habits that help you accomplish bigger goals
  • Build the skills and traits you need to weather any storm
  • Understand how to live more authentically and joyfully
  • Ensure your priorities support your purpose
    Mountain Mover Manual is a guidebook that will take you on a journey to achieve the goals you haven’t even set yet. Are you ready to take the first step?

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Keynote Speaking | Executive Coaching | Leadership workshops

Whether it’s speaking to large crowds of CEOs to youth ministry, my guarantee is to bring 100% of my effort, energy, and authentic self to the room!  I’m honored to walk in my purpose of building an army of Mountain Movers through executive coaching, speaking, leadership workshops and direct leadership with the companies I’m a part of.  

You Were Created
To Move Mountains

What is your mountain? What is the thing standing in your way and preventing you from becoming your best self? Is it self-doubt? Rejection? Addiction? Anxiety? Shame? Fear? Failure? Your surroundings? A little bit of all of the above and then some? Don’t worry, I’ve faced all those mountains in my past too. They made sure I stayed down and far away from my potential. But over the years, those mountains have been moved. By the Grace of God I’ve unlocked these tools that have helped me overcome the tallest mountains and deepest valleys in life.

You are on this earth for such a unique and profound reason. Those mountains and valleys are in your life to help shape you. It’s up to you to use those experiences to become better, get equipped and help others!

Kevin Carey

Mountain Mover | Mentor | Coach | Speaker | Author

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